Blog: Luboš Motl’s reference frame

One of my favourite physics-related blogs: Luboš Motl’s reference frame.

The content is about evenly split between very insightful discussions on the content and broader relevance of recent papers in string theory, and posts on politics and current affairs, from the perspective of a Harvard-based string theorist.

Be warned, though, that the technical discussions are fairly technical. For instance, here’s a great post on the recent Lin, Lunin and Maldacena paper, on a general solution for supergravity solutions, with a nice duality map to conformal field theory fermions.

Now if only he can get rid of his resident crackpot, Quantoken, who seems obliged to prove his ignorance with every one of his (many) comments…

4 thoughts on “Blog: Luboš Motl’s reference frame

  1. I remember having read several posts by Lubos Motl to the Usenet group sci.physics.research in years past, and he does a great job distilling the fundamentals of string theory for a much wider audience than one would find in a university setting. For those of us who don’t study string theory but remain interested, Dr. Motl is a good friend indeed.


  2. Ah, the latency with which the comments get posted to the blog really destroys the ole editing process, eh? Good thing I got those cuss words out of the first one, that really would have been embarassing.


  3. It’s good to be around. Keeping up with everyone’s blogs is a nice break during the day. I also just enabled anonymous comments on my blog; Bert told me he was prompted to sign up when he tried to comment, so he just sent me an email instead. So, that problem is fixed.


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