Musical genius

In the spirit of blogwaffe’s Musical Genius post, I am starting a post to keep track of songs I think are great.

In contrast to blogwaffe’s approach, these will all be songs I actually like. Well, which I like at the time that I add them to the post — not necessarily later. It’s like impulse buying, without the buying. Though it may include buying, but that’s between me and iTunes.

To get it going:
The Bravery – Unconditional

3 thoughts on “Musical genius

  1. So can others add their suggestions? And are there any guidelines about the sort of song? (ie. must be from popular culture or a chart or newer than 5 years old or anything like that?)


  2. Yes, you can add things here, as long as they fit in: I’m restricting myself almost entirely to brand new music; rock, indie, good electronica, etc. Most of the tracks that appear will be from stuff I hear on the radio and really like.

    Next up:
    Fivespeed – The Mess

    Been playing that one a lot recently.


  3. Hey, my page isn’t about likes and dislikes. It’s about quality (or lack there of) or ingenuity. I genuinely like some of those songs, in contrast to anything conforming to what you call your “taste” in music.


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