You know you’re back in Africa when…

Ah yes, back in Africa: I recently heard a commercial for a particular four wheel drive car (SUV) which was based around how good it is at getting away from a charging elephant. Which, actually, is a pretty good argument.

In between seeing all the friends again, I’ve been sorting out the little paperwork details of life, like bank accounts, expired drivers licenses, and so on. And working quite hard — there’s a bit of a rush right now. Next will come finding a place to stay. Which raises some interesting questions:

  1. Should I look to share, or get a place of my own? Doesn’t look like any close friends are looking to share at the moment, so it’d be with someone else
  2. Should I rent or buy? Prices are fairly good to buy at the moment, but of course it’s a whole raft of additional work, now and if I later wanted to sell or rent out.
  3. What sort of place do I even want?
  4. And where? Made more difficult by the related question of where do I want to work (set up an office)?

So yeah, any wise suggestions welcome.

And for something completely different: to “celebrate the small but potent part the snowball has played in Johannesburg history” (ie., because it’s snowed a few times in the last century), there is to be an official snowball fight this coming weekend, downtown. All completely absurd, of course. More here and a good write-up half way down here.

2 thoughts on “You know you’re back in Africa when…

  1. Drive away quickly from the elephants – and towards the little baby lions!

    Don’t run them over, though.


  2. The market is great for buying since property is so cheap, around the world. I heard of an agent in the US who offered a $400K for free if you bought a $1.6mil property. The problem is that it’s really hard to get financing. My dad’s in real estate and he says as much as 50% of his deals are falling through because banks are not approving loans…

    If finance is not a problem, I’d buy in the middle of Joburg… that way you’re an equal distance from everything. Figure out how close to your family and your job you want to be. Don’t forget that you could always get yourself a bigger place and have someone rent… that way they’re helping you pay the bond!


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