Life is busy! Here are some random extracts:

I gave a physics talk today at Wits University. It was largely an adaptation of my thesis defence. Turns out that the author of one of the really useful review papers in my field has been visiting here for the last few months, and he and my old advisor, Robert, had printed out and were reading my thesis! Sweet mercy, someone is actually reading it! Anyway, it seemed only right to give a talk about it. The talk went well and seemed to have been well received. But now there are some new developments recently I’m finding myself tempted to read up about…

People have crazy plans! My brother and roommate are planning to spend 20 days walking around a really big mountain in Nepal, in March. The same March that another friend (Claire) and company are buying some Land Rovers and heading up East Africa. They’re being beaten to it by another friend who’s planning a similar trip in December, sans Land Rovers. But in December my brother will be in Mozambique, which is rapidly becoming an awesome tourist destination (helps when there is no longer a civil war involving land mines). We of course went skiing in early August, but the same people are off ski-diving soon, marking time with sailing this weekend and hiking in the Drakensberg mountains next weekend. I’d love to go, but we (the family) are off to Hogsback, the family place in another set of mountains. Our place is so old it doesn’t have electricity, so it’ll be back to cellphone tethering for Internet.

I have about three plans for new projects at the moment, between the Thornhill work, and my aunt in parliament is hooking me up with all sorts of awesome people to maybe make some of them happen. Pity that leaves no time to, well, find somewhere to live. More details if and when the plans come together.

And to round off the craziness, I stopped at a petrol station recently, and the attendant was obviously having an unusual day. Apparently that morning a lady had offered him R50 000 (almost $10 000) to kill her (ie., assist in suicide) while she was sleeping. He took the money, but went to the police, found the lady’s family, gave them the money back and took them to her. There was, of course, much ensuing drama.

Oh, and the petrol was expensive.

5 thoughts on “Craziness

  1. Obviously, ski-diving is when you jump out of an airplane wearing only skis and no parachute. If you jump out at just the right point over a steep mountain, you seamlessly transition from freefall to insanely fast skiing. Otherwise, you die. When you’re walking around all day avoiding land-mines, ski-diving doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal I bet.


  2. Uh… sky-diving. Although on more thought, it’s actually paragliding that they were looking at. So yeah …. but ski-diving sounds pretty awesome too.


  3. People are really crazy.

    It’s good to know more detail about the talk from your notes. So who is the visitor?

    We are studying the moduli space of Riemann surfaces with boundaries, basically, reading some literature by Melissa Liu. It’s tough. I wish I knew some AG.


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