My first art commission

Just got two oil paintings completed! (EDIT: By which I mean, the people who paint these have finished painting them for me, the buyer). Turns out there are people in Vietnam (where my father recently visited), who will paint big oil paintings like these (the larger one is more than a metre across) from photos, for an excellent price.

Paintings from Vietnam

On the left right is our family place in Hogsback, in the forests and mountains of the Eastern Cape. On the right left are some candles as arranged at my parents’ place. Now need to get them framed.

11 thoughts on “My first art commission

  1. Yeah, sorry, poor wording above… I didn’t paint these myself, I had them painted FOR me. I wish I could paint these! But at least I can buy them.


  2. Oooo, shiny! I especially like the one on the left. And by left, I mean right. Still, I’m right, and that’s all I have left. Right?

    I’m assuming the artist has never been to SA, so…where’d he/she get the reference material to work with?


  3. All right Chris, you’ve left the rest of us behind. Well done.

    My father visited Vietnam, and took along photos, and collected the paintings a day or two later. So yeah, just photos. They also do rip-offs of famous paintings, if desired.


  4. Holy crap. “A day or two later”?! That’s some rediculous turnaround.

    By the way, you still haven’t fixed things. Both paintings can’t be on the right. Since I made the initial correction, I’m determined to stay the course and see things through to the end.


  5. Adam’s right…or in this case, I think, left. Proving once again that two wrongs don’t make a right, and also that two rights may include a left.


  6. All right then, clearly my I left all writing skills way behind when I wrote this post. But at least some words are correct! I think I’ve fixed the last problem now.


  7. All problems fixed…apart from your last post.

    “clearly my I left all writing skills way behind”

    Clearly, you did! My I did too, it would seem.

    Sorry, my I just couldn’t resist.


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