Only YOU have the power to Save Toby!

Only in the Internet age can someone make over $24 000, just by promising NOT to eat his pet. Have a look at | Only YOU have the power to Save Toby!

This money-making ploy is right up there with some of the classics of our time, like selling your soul on eBay. The moral of the story: one part bored people surfing the net, one part instant virtual payment courtesy of PayPal, makes hitting the jackpot possible without even going to Vegas. Now I just need my big idea…

Thanks to my brother Martin for sending me this link. He occasionally does something useful, in between hijacking my friends’ computers to send me insults from their ICQ (instant messenger) accounts, in order to create much strife. I’m not sure why he wants this, but luckily I’ve seen through his shallow plan! 1-0 to me!

6 thoughts on “Only YOU have the power to Save Toby!

  1. Um, dare I ask why Martin is linked to the wikipedia explanation of the word spleen? I mean, I suppose that, like a spleen, a brother is “not necessary for life but closely associated” with many of the good things in life, including the “circulatory system” of FWDed internet links– but still….


  2. THe news in HK was talking about that website while I was home. It was kinda disturbing, isn’t it?


  3. For some reason known only to himself (if even that), my brother’s online nickname is “spleen”. This makes it rather strange when, say, my mother logs on using his ICQ account, and I get messages from her labelled as “spleen”. Perhaps there is a touch of random arbitrariness in our genes.

    And yes, I see that I am WAY behind Holly’s dad in posting this link. Ooops! Serves me right for not following the links on other people’s comments. I guess that makes it 1-0 to Holly’s dad.


  4. Paul, it’s been quite a while (blog-wise) since your last entry. Have you run out of things to say?


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