Movie short – Alive in Joburg

This is quite possibly the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. I’m still deciding whether it’s great or just really, really weird.

Anyway, it’s a movie short set in Johannesburg in 1990, in the midst of Apartheid repression. Only thing is … the repression is against aliens, as in UFO aliens.

It captures the grittiness of the Apartheid struggle pretty well, and looks very authentic (though there are a few giveaways that it was filmed in the last three or so years). But I can’t decide whether throwing in UFO aliens is interesting artistic license, or disrespectful to those that suffered.

Anyway, the movie is here, linked to from MilkandCookies

3 thoughts on “Movie short – Alive in Joburg

  1. I would have said pretty much what the director seems to say — that there isn’t really a point or a take home message of the movie — it’s just for its own sake. Exploring.


  2. This is really bizarre: I decided to link to Paul F’s link to the director, read the name, and realised that I went to school with him, he was a year older than me, and I remember him quite well! Small world….

    Additionally he is not the only ‘Blomkamp’ from redhill to be doing something in TV: Christian Blomkamp, who was 5 years ahead of me, writes for the SA Tv soap ‘Generations’…lucky name.


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