Global warming and ocean temperature

In the aftermath of the Kyoto Protocols coming into effect, an article on a new study: IOL: Science & Tech. This huge new study has found that ocean temperature is extremely well correlated with increasing greenhouse content. Of course, the energy capacity of the oceans far exceeds that of the atmosphere, so this is serious indeed.

One thought on “Global warming and ocean temperature

  1. Talking about global warming. There is a study that was done on 9/11/01 about airplane exhaust. (I watched that on the Weather Channel senior year college) I am sure you have seen those strips of condensation produced by the plane in a clear day. So, when all the flights were grounded after 9/11, people did some studies on the temperature difference caused by those condensation clouds (don’t know exactly how they are called). Appaently, those clouds traps more heat and therefore, for those couple of days, it was cooler by 1F on average.

    Something along the line of warming phenmenon


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