You do what with peanut butter?

I sometimes get asked what I find most unusual or suprising about America. Now, between having been here before, getting lots of US TV, and growing up in a society not too unlike the US, I seldom find things very strange.

With one exception. Americans abuse peanut butter. Badly.

I have nothing against peanut butter. It’s great on toast. Not too bad on a sandwich. Great for nutritional value. And that should be where it ends.

It would seem, however, that I keep finding new things that people here put peanut butter on. It started with ice cream, cake, brownies, biscuits (cookies here), and all sorts of other desserts. This last weekend, though, it really went too far, with people suggesting peanut butter on apples, with all sorts of breakfast foods, and even on bananas.


11 thoughts on “You do what with peanut butter?

  1. Wow. I thought you were going somewhere entirely different with this post. Phhew.

    For the record, peanut butter is not good on toast, and is delicious in combination with chocolate. You’re just going to have to get over it.

    You will be assimilated; resistance is futile.


  2. Totally agree with MDA there. I was expecting something much much worse. As long as you have not done the peanut butter finger (aka dipping your finger in a jar of peanut butter and then proceed to eat it off), you are still fine 😉


  3. I’m against the mixing of peanut butter and chocolate as well. You can imagine my dismay when I sampled the brownies on Oscar night and found them contaminated with peanut butter.


  4. Between the title of Paul’s post and Bert’s “peanut butter finger”, I was expecting a rather raunchy read. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.


  5. Ah, nothing like a well-chosen post title to get four comments with mere hours of posting! I’m pleased it served it’s purpose.

    But to business — I’m really pleased that at least someone is with me on this — thanks Dixie! As for the rest of you, hopefully you’ll eventually see the light…

    Random fact of the day: arachibutyrophobia is the term for the fear of peanut butter sticking to the top of your mouth.


  6. I would just like to point out that, while I am generally not in favour of peanut butter in strange places (with certain exceptions), this should not in any way be construed as criticism, explicit or otherwise, of Adam’s brownies (hereafter referred to as “Adam’s brownies”). Indeed, it is considered a highly desirable consequence of this lack of criticism, that I should continue to receive said Adam’s brownies.

    Any correspondence will be entered into, as long as it keeps you people posting on my blog.


  7. No, Paul… you’re safe. It’s Dixie who has called down the thunder by speaking ill of my brownies. (And yes, I am kidding. Although, I might put extra peanut butter in the next batch just to spite Dixie).


  8. Fine by me. Means I won’t be tempted to eat them. I am trying to watch my girlish figure, you know. And by that, I mean I’m trying to find that figure under years of f*cking brownies.


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